Stand up in solidarity with Delhi's sanitation workers

09 October 2018

DELHI East Municipal Corporation's sanitation workers are on strike for 28 days with the demand of payment of due wages, regularisation, safety equipments etc. Nonfullfilment of these just demands exposes BJP's real intentions behind the 'Swachh' slogans. PM Modi campaigns for BJP in MCD polls but is silent when Delhi's sanitation workers are not paid due wages! Instead BJP is playing politics with Delhi's AAP Govt which too had declared as an election promise to regularise all contract workers, and is yet to fulfil this promise.

While Modi's SwachhBharat week passed amid media hype and propaganda, EDMC sanitation workers continued their struggle reminding us how Modi Govt is inflicting a SwachchhBharatFraud on our country.

Yesterday thousands of these workers rallied at Parliament Street to condemn BJP's fake declaration that it is regularising all workers while no statutory order has been issued. Workers were lathicharged in this protest, and now they are being victimised by suspending and terminating many of them. This act is highly condemnable.

We should not forget that deaths of sanitation workers due to governmental apathy has become a norm in national capital like other parts of country. Those who work hard and risk their lives, and face inhuman discrimination in society, for keeping us and Delhi clean, are even denied regular payment of their own wages by this regime.

We appeal to all Delhi people to stand up in solidarity with Delhi's sanitation workers and their just struggle. MCDWorkersStrike