Statement on SC verdict to deport seven Rohingya refugees to Myanmar

04 October 2018

THE CPIML expressed deep concern and shock at the decision of the Supreme Court to deport seven Rohingya refugees from India to Myanmar. The Supreme Court has, disturbingly, accepted the argument of the Government of India that these men are "illegal immigrants", dismissing the facts which show that Rohingya people are not recognized as citizens in Myanmar and are therefore stateless. Moreover, Rohingya people are forced to flee a genocidal situation in Myanmar, and deportation to their home country violates the International principle of non-refoulement which has time and again been upheld by the Supreme Court of India on previous occasions – which means that refugees must not be deported back if they face danger to their lives in their home country.

We also believe that the Indian Constitution recognises and protects the rights to life, not only of Indian citizens but even of immigrants and refugees. To deport people to their home count where they risk genocide and where they are not recognized as citizens violates these rights.

-- Central Committee, CPIML