PB Communique

06 March 2019

THE Polit Bureau of CPI(ML)(Liberation) which met in Delhi on 4-5 March condemned the attempts by the BJP leadership and the Modi Government to exploit the Pulwama attack and the subsequent tension between India and Pakistan for votes in the forthcoming elections. Questions emerging from the Pulwama attack and the Balakot air strike cannot be suppressed by dubbing the people anti-national. These are in fact the latest glaring failures of the Modi Government, in addition to unemployment, farmers’ distress, economic devastation, communal violence and attacks on the Constitution.

The PB condemns Prime Minister Modi’s insults of disabled persons. By mocking and shaming his political rival by suggesting he suffers from dyslexia, Modi in fact mocked and shamed those struggling with dyslexia. The PB demands an unconditional apology from the Prime Minister for his remarks.   

The PB condemns the Modi government's act of passing an ordinance amending the Aadhaar Act to subvert the Supreme Court verdict on Aadhaar. This Ordinance, by allowing private companies access to Aadhaar data, violates the Supreme Court verdict which had barred private companies from seeking Aadhaar details from anyone.    

The PB congratulated defenders of the Constitution and SC/ST/OBC reservations for a successful Bharat Bandh today against the 13-point roster system undermining reservations in faculty positions.  Attack on Reservation is an attack on the Constitution and its commitment to secure social justice for India's citizens, and the people of India are determined to defend the Constitution in the face of the Modi government's continuing attempts to subvert the Constitutional commitment to social justice, secularism and democracy.

The PB condemned the Modi Government’s move to avoid defending the Forest Rights Act in the Supreme Court, resulting in a verdict that ordered the evictions of nearly 20 lakh households of adivasi and forest-dwelling communities. The verdict has now been stayed by the Supreme Court, but the shadow of potential eviction still hangs over the forest-dwellers. The PB calls for vigilance and protests to protect the FRA and ensure proper implementation of the Act.

The Polit Bureau appealed to the people of India to pay tribute to the Jalianwallahbagh martyrs on the centenary of this most dastardly massacre perpetrated by British colonial rulers. The habit of the rulers to kill unarmed people by unprovoked police firing shamefully continues and recent years have witnessed many such instances, the killing of farmers in Mandsaur of Madhya Pradesh and anti-Sterlite protesters in Tuticorin of Tamil Nadu being two most shocking instances. CPI(ML) will observe the Jalianwallahbagh centenary to demand an end to police brutalities and draconian laws in Independent India.

CPI(ML) will campaign vigorously in the coming elections to vote out the Modi government and save India from the fascist offensive of the Sangh brigade. The party will put up a few candidates in select seats and extend support to the Left and other opposition candidates on other seats to ensure the defeat of the BJP and NDA nominees.

Pravat Kumar
Polit Bureau Member
New Delhi,  6 March 2019