BJP's Communal Politics Responsible for Vitiating Tranquility in Haldwani. CPIML Appeals for Peace.

Haldwani violence

08 February 2024

CPI(ML) Liberation condemns the incident of violence in Uttarakhand's Haldwani, which raises serious concern about the state of affairs. The BJP government and the local administration's communal and reckless conduct are responsible for disrupting the peace and tranquility in the Banbhoolpura area.

A few days earlier, the local administration had sealed the Madrassa claiming that it was on Nazul land. In reality, a major portion of Haldwani town is inhabited over Nazul land.

Today, without any necessity, the administration, along with the police force, moved in with bulldozers and forcefully tore down the structure. This unconstitutional and precipitating act by Pushkar Singh Dhami government and local administration vitiated the situation in the area.

CPI(ML) appeals to everyone to maintain peace.