The Fight For Education: Koilvar's School-On-The-Street Movement

Khushi Kumari's face is shining with 'khushi' (happiness). And why not, she is the 'heroine' of the Sadak par School movement that has been going on for some time in Bhojpur District's Koilvar. When asked what she wants to become, she says, “I want to join the army. But first I have to study. And for that I have to fight also.” Khushi is an Intermediate student. Her sisters Chhoti Kumari and Nikki Kumari study in 8th and 7th Standard respectively, while brother Vishwakarma Kumar is in the 3rd Standard.

Experiences of Relief Work in Bihar: Government Abdicates, People take Initiative

A spate of migrant workers walking back home in extreme distress, more deaths caused by anti-worker, anti-poor polices of Central and State governments than by Corona, the extent of hunger and starvation rapidly increasing, starvmation deaths from Bhojpur to Western Champaran despite government denials—it seems as if the government has deliberately left the poor, the workers and the common people to suffer and die.