The Pandemic and Beyond : Free Quality Healthcare is a Fundamental Right

WHEN the whole of India was put under lock and key in late March, we had only 564 known cases of Novel Coronavirus infection. By the middle of May, we earned the dubious distinction of defeating eternal competitor China (which had nearly 83000 cases) at least in this field. On May 19 the tally crossed the 100000 mark and is all set to rise rapidly for quite some time.

Epidemic Act 1897 : A Draconian Colonial Hangover

SINCE March 23rd, the Indian government enforced a complete nationwide lockdown. The Covid-19 pandemic has emerged as the most lethal pandemic of our times. Simultaneously, the management of the crisis by the Indian government has further exposed the growing oppression in their governance.  The lack of sufficient testing kits, inadequate personal protective equipments for doctors and caregivers and the inhuman and shameful migrant crisis have also exposed the unpreparedness and misplaced priorities of the Indian government.

A Note on Herd Immunity

THE concept of Herd Immunity is premised on the following facts:

That a vaccine, given to a majority of a given population at about the same time raises immunity of that population in that community so that the infective organism cannot find susceptible persons to infect easily and hence peters away in that community. In general, if about 80% in the community are vaccinated, the antibody levels will be uniformly similar in all those who are vaccinated so that the remaining 20 % do not get the infection.

Covid 19 and Modi's Lockdown: Maximum Chaos, Minimum Planning

- Dipankar Bhattacharya, General Secretary, CPIML

Nearly three weeks since the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, the shadow of the killer virus continues to loom larger and larger. China, the initial epicenter of the outbreak, has brought it under control, but the havoc is getting worse in large parts of Europe and America, with the death toll jumping uncontrollably in countries like Italy and Spain. And lately India and Pakistan too have begun to experience a worrying surge in cases.

The Countrywide Upsurge against CAA-NRC-NPR: What We have achieved and What Comes Next

IN the first part of this article we traced the genesis of the movement and discussed its most distinctive demands and slogans. In this concluding part, let us talk about its salient features, key achievements and long term perspective before taking up the question as to how the movement must be carried forward in the changed situation marked by the Delhi pogrom and the Corona pandemic.

Does 2020 Mark 100 Years of CPI - or 2025?

[The Communist Party of India (Marxist) holds that the Community Party of India as October 17, 1920 was formed at Tashkent with seven members - MN Roy, Evelyn Roy-Trent, Abani Mukherjee, Rosa Fitingov, Mohammad Ali, Mohamad Shafiq and Acharya. CPIM is therefore observing 2019-20 as the centenary of the CPI. But does Tashkent really mark the birth of the Communist Party in India? CPI, as well as CPIML, hold that the Communist Party of India was formed only in 1925 at its first conference at Kanpur.