Why We Oppose the Proposed Amendment of Age of Marriage 2021

We, the undersigned are deeply concerned about the implications of the proposed amendment of age of marriage for women from 18 to 21. This Bill has been introduced in the Parliament and has been sent to the Standing Committee. We fear that the amendment, if implemented, will criminalise consensual marriages among adults; and end up curtailing the autonomy of adult women.

Vaccine Racism and Omicron

Since its emergence in end the 2019, the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) has been wreaking havoc on lives, livelihoods and economies across the globe. The character of viruses is to mutate and develop new forms and structures. COVID-19 is no exception and various mutations (at least 12 of these have been fairly widespread) of coronavirus have been identified since the first strain emerged in 2019.

Time’s Up: Scrap AFSPA

The massacre of coal mine workers by a Special Forces unit of the Army in Oting village of Mon district in Nagaland is a heinous crime, compounded by attempts to cover it up by staging a fake encounter. The attempts by Home Minister Amit Shah and the Army officials to explain it away as a “mistake” cannot convince even the BJP’s own members and allies in the North East.

Enhanced BSF Jurisdiction – Assault on Federalism and Rule of Law

Even as the whole country demands the resignation of Ajay Mishra, the key instigator and orchestrator of the Lakhimpur massacre of farmers who has recently been inducted in the Modi cabinet as one of Amit Shah’s deputies, as a Minister of State for Home Affairs, the MHA has quietly issued another draconian order. A notification issued by the MHA has increased the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force in the eastern and western border states of Assam, West Bengal and Punjab from the existing limit of 15 km to 50 km.

Air India Sell Out: A Deal for Which Taxpayers Have to Pay the Bill

Have we ever heard of a deal where the seller has to shell out a large sum in exchange for handing over a huge legacy enterprise worth Rs. 52000 crores of assets and solid infrastructure? This is exactly what is happening in Modi’s much-touted ‘New India’; the government is selling the iconic Air India to the Tata Group on terms which will result in losses for the public exchequer.

India Hungrier Under Modi

If you're not living under a rock, you must have heard of India’s dismal performance on the Global Hunger Index. Before talking about India's rank, it is an absolute must to understand what the Global Hunger Index (henceforth GHI) entails and what it does not.

What Is The GHI

The GHI combines four indicators: