Results of Assam Assembly Election and Aftermath


BJP’s politics of communal polarization paid off in Assam, with the BJP-led alliance getting 75 seats and being re-elected with a comfortable majority. Though they got 10 seats less than in the last elections, they have been able to expand and consolidate their influence in the Tea Tribe and Adivasi-dominant areas, all Tribal areas, main stream Assamese people, and also got majority of votes among Hindu Bengali, Nepali, and Hindi speaking people.

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election Results 2021: Unambiguous Rejection of the BJP


The results of Tamil Nadu assembly elections indicate a decisive rejection of the BJP and its alliance partners by the people of Tamil Nadu. Despite not being a huge wave or sweep compared to the Loksabha elections in 2019 where DMK alliance won almost all seats but for one which went to AIADMK, it is definitely a mandate against what people identified and rejected as the all-pervading omnipotent presence of BJP in remote controlling the state government through AIADMK.