Appeal: Contribute to the CPIML Election Fund


For years we took India's Constitution and constitutionally mandated system of multiparty democracy and federal framework for granted. The build-up to the 2024 Elections tells us that we can no longer afford to do that. The Modi government is bent upon converting India into a one-party state. Two Chief Ministers including the sitting CM of Delhi have been arrested in the poll season and the CJI is being heckled for striking down the unconstitutional Electoral Bonds that had legalised corruption.

In the ten years of Modi rule, the undermining of parliamentary democracy has already reached an alarming level. And now the government is aiming at manufacturing a 400+ majority to inflict more damaging blows to the Constitution. A third successive term for the Modi government will be an absolute disaster for our constitution and parliamentary democracy, for our cultural diversity and everyday existence.

The government is using every unconstitutional measure and unscrupulous trick to hold on to power with the backing of its corporate cronies and the Godi Media. We the people of India have to apply our constitutional power of the vote to end this reign of disaster and rebuild India as a robust democracy. Please exercise your vote and make it count in this decisive battle for the future of India, for the triumph of democracy over dictatorship.

As a constituent of the INDIA coalition, the CPI(ML) Liberation has fielded only four candidates in Bihar (Ara, Karakat and Nalanda) and Jharkhand (Koderma). We are also having to contest an Assembly by-poll in Bihar following the unjust conviction and disqualification of our young and dynamic Dalit MLA Manoj Manzil. Comrades Vinod Singh, Rajaram Singh, Sudama Prasad, Sandeep Saurav and Shiv Prakash Ranjan are our candidates from Kodarma, Karakat, Ara, Nalanda and Agiaon (SC) constituencies.

In these constituencies we have launched an extensive door-to-door 'coupon campaign' to collect financial contributions from the people. The coupons bought by the people in denominations of ₹20, ₹50 and ₹100 are our biggest weapon to fight the BJP's Electoral Bonds and the politics of corporate bribery and state-sponsored extortion. Beyond this basic local support, we also need the generous support of all our well-wishers. Please share this appeal with your friends and help raise the necessary funds.

- Central Committee, CPI(ML) Liberation

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