Workers and Farmers Joint Convention in Delhi
Workers and Farmers Joint Convention in Delhi

In an unprecedented display of unity and resolve thousands of farmers and workers gathered at the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi on 24 August in the national convention called jointly by Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) and Platform of Central Trade Unions/Federations. The convention pledged to intensify the struggle further against the devastating pro-corporate policies of the Modi government which are threatening the country's economy and attacking democratic constitutional framework. The convention noted that 'such a ruthless regime is against national interest and does not have the right to occupy the seat of power and must be ousted!'

The convention highlighted severe agrarian crisis further deepening due to procorporate anti-farmer policies resuling in decreased income, indebtedness and increasing suicides among farmers. The speakers recalled the 13 month long historic farmers’ movement that was made successful because of the united resolve of farmers in face of repression, fake propaganda and lies spread by the BJP, even extreme weather and Covid-19 pandemic. The Modi government’s betrayal from its promises made to the farmers regarding MSP and Electricity Amendment Bill was strongly condemned in the convention.

The convention raised the issues of rising unemployment, insecure jobs, and rising prices. The four labour codes which are nothing but the modern code of slavery of the working people, brought by the Modi regime were opposed vehemently. The workers in India are now devoid of their hard earned rights forced to live under precarious conditions.

The policies of privatisation of every sector of the economy including education and banking were opposed. The curtailment in social welfare measures and imposition of heavy taxes on the common people is taking the country in a regressive direction while big corporates are enjoying tax reliefs and freebies of various kinds. The Modi regime is spreading venom of divisive communal politics along with consistently attacking the federal framework of the nation side by side increasing repression of dissenting voices.

The people in every walk of life and every sector of the economy are condung various struggles against the current regime, the convention hailed the ongoing struggles and resolved to uphold them with greater strength and coordination. The convention passed a charter of demands that includes fulfilment of Modi’s promise of giving legal guarantee of MSP, to withdraw PMFBI (Fasal Bima Yojana) and bring a crop insurance scheme through the public sector, waiver of all loans, contain inflation, remove GST from essential commodities, ensure food security, universal education and health policy, to implement National Minimum Wages, scrap the policy of privatisation, social security for all workers, reinstatement of old pension scheme, more taxes on the super rich, to impose wealth and inheritance tax on ultra rich, etc.

The Convention concluded with the following Call of Action for the next few months:

1. Observe October 3, 2023 (Lakhimpur Kheri massacre of farmers in 2021) as Black Day, demanding dismissal and prosecution of the conspirator, Minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Mishra Teni.

2. Organise Day and Night Mahapadav struggle in front of Raj Bhawans across the country from 26 to 28 November.

3. December 2023/ January 2024 - Determined and Massive United Protest Actions across the country.