Format C-7: Karnataka Legislative Assembly Election 2023 - 151-K.R. Puram

Declaration about criminal antecedents of candidates set up by the party

(As per the judgment dated 25th September, 2018 of Hon’ble Supreme Court in WP (Civil) No.536 of 2011 (Public Interest Foundation &Ors. Vs. Union of India &Anr.)

Name of Political Party: Communist Party Of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation

Name of Election: Karnataka Legislative Assembly Election 2023

Name of State/ UT: Karnataka

Name of Constituency: 151-K.R. Puram

Name of Candidate: P.P. Appanna

Sl No.

Criminal Case





Nature of antecedents

(1) Section 143,147,447,149 of the IPC

(2) Section 143,290,149 of the IPC and Section 31(O)(P) and 103 of the Karnataka Police Act

(3) Section 341,143,283 r/w 149 of the IPC




Case No.

(1) CC No. 51037/20

(2) CC No. 27136/19

(3) CC. No. 2217/17



Name of Court

(1) 29 ACMM, Bengaluru

(2) 1 ACMM, Bengaluru

(3) 5 ACMM, Bengaluru



Whether charges have been framed. (yes/no)

(1) Yes

(2) No

(3) Yes



Date of Conviction




Details of punishment undergone




Any other information required to be given




Reasons for the selection of the candidate. The reasons as to selection shall be with reference to the qualifications, achievements and merit of the candidate concerned, and not mere "winnability" at the polls. (not more than 100 words)

P.P. Appanna is a leader of people's movements, who enjoys the trust and affection of common masses and the workers. He is being victimised by the administration through false cases, for leading struggles for workers rights, including sanitation workers, unorganized workers and other marginalized sections of society.



Reasons as to why other individuals without criminal antecedents could not be selected as candidates.

The cases against P.P. Appanna are because of his antecedents as leader of workers movements, and not criminal antecedents. We can see most of such leaders who are loved and trusted by the people have been implicated under such false cases against them. We have chosen one of the best candidates who fights for the rights of workers, and for an equal and just society. P.P. Appanna deserves to be a candidate for these elections.