Rest in Power, Gail!

Social scientist of international repute; founder member of Shramik Mukti Dal Maharashtra;   a veteran researcher-writer on Buddha, Mahatma Phule, Dr. Ambedkar, and Marx; a feminist, a scholar who interpreted the Sant Literature and the Warkari tradition of Maharashtra in a new light; a participant in the women’s movement and adivasi movement who travelled extensively throughout Maharashtra – Gail Omvedt, 81, died of old age at her home at Kasegaon village, in the Sangli District of Maharashtra.

From Feudal Mahajans To The "Bandhan" Of Micro Finance Institutions

Mahajans as an institution for lending money at usurious interest rates came in to being in the feudal times. They made women part with gold – the only means of savings they had. They were infamous for insisting on payment of interest rather than the principal amount so as to perpetuate their tyranny. The Mahajans were like leeches for the masses. They excelled in “turning adverse conditions for the masses in to their advantage” in droughts, famines or even personal tragedies. So much like the modern times!

A C 2020: Fire engulfs life at large, flames touch personal lives

DURING the most widespread drought Maharashtra has seen in hundred years in circa 1971-72 A.D. Comrade Bhaskarrao Jadhav of Lal Nishan Party, a communist poet as well, wrote a song which became popular in the movement demanding work in rural Maharashtra. This movement won the Rojgar Hami Yojana (Maharashtra’s Employment Guarantee Act) which was the precursor to the MNREGA. Even today the workers and the employees in Maharashtra pay a portion of their salaries and wages running into crores to finance the scheme.