And Quiet Flows the Sarayu

WITH the initiation of the actual construction of Ram Mandir on the ruins of the Babri Masjid, and that on the first anniversary of the imposition of the longest – and still continuing – period of brutalization of the lone Muslim majority state in India, the temple town on the bank of Sarayu has been given a fresh coat of political saffron.

5 August vs 15 August: Save Constitution, Save India

THE 5 August 2020 Bhoomi Poojan, or the foundation-laying ceremony, of the Ram Mandir now legally sanctioned by the Supreme Court to replace the Babri Masjid demolished nearly twenty-eight years ago, has been the most decisive political and ideological statement made by the RSS-BJP establishment in the middle of the raging epidemic and its complement, the protracted state of lockdown continuing since 25 March.

Delhi Riots Revisited

The targeted communal violence in North East Delhi took place in February. Nearly six months have passed since then.

What new facts have emerged since February, about the perpetrators of the violence, and the motives for it?

What course has the Delhi Police investigation taken? What action is the Delhi Police taking on the available evidence?

SHGs and Microfinance Companies: Legalised Usury in the Name of 'Self-Reliance'

RURAL society in Bihar has seen a big change in recent times, and rural women have an important role in this change. ASHA workers, Rasoiyas, Anganwadi Sevikas-Sahayikas, Jeevikas and other sec-tions of working women have changed the structure of rural life. Earlier, they used to have no work other than work in the fields, but now they are engaged in other work also. Their organizations and movements are mostly led by Left organizations, but unfortunately the Jeevika SHG has only a single organization and that is the BJP-run BMS.

'Freedom from Debt' Campaign Catches On in Villages of Hooghly District

IN 2006 Bangladeshi banker and social entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus got the Nobel Peace Prize for his pioneering role in promoting microcredit and microfinance. He got the award jointly with the Grameen Bank he had founded in October 1983. The idea was to free rural women from the tentacles of usury by giving them small loans and helping them with collective entrepreneurship. Since then Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) have emerged as a major lending vehicle among rural women across the developing world.

MFI Coercion and Debt-Trap in Assam

THE microfinance institutions (MFIs) are playing havoc in rural Assam. Some twenty MFIs led by the notorious Bandhan Bank have trapped millions of women in growing indebtedness, and the women are now being subjected to tremendous distress and humiliation in the name of loan recovery. The MFIs are functioning like moneylenders – they pay very little interest on deposits and  charge high interests on loans. The current rate of interest charged by Bandhan is 17.95%.

Working Class Gears Up Against Modi Govt.'s Renewed Attacks

Coal and Defence Workers Prepare for Strikes. All-India Protest Day on 3rd July by CTUOs

Utilizing the crisis of Corona pandemic, as an opportunity, Modi govt. has launched an aggressive campaign to push for its unfinished, pending agenda of reforms. With sadist Modi hell bent on turning this huge health crisis facing the nation into an opportunity for his corporate friends, Modi govt.

May Day 2020 : International Day of Workers in Times of Global Pandemic

MAY DAY is the International Day of Workers. The inspiration came from the first big battle to regulate hours of work, to limit the working day to eight hours. May Day is still about the working day, especially in India where  the government is stretching it back to twelve hours in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdown. May Day is about paid holidays for all workers. And let us remember there are still millions of workers in India who are not even recognised as workers.