CPI(ML) Call for Party Foundation Day April 22, 2018:
Unleash United People's Resistance to Defeat the Fascist Offensive of the Modi Regime and the Sangh Brigade!
Raise the CPI(ML) to New Heights In the Fiftieth Year of Party Foundation!

APRIL 22, 2018 marks the beginning of the fiftieth year of the foundation of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist). On this historic occasion, the Central Committee salutes all the great martyrs who have laid down their lives for the revolutionary cause of the Indian people and pays respectful homage to all the departed leaders who founded and led the party through this challenging revolutionary journey. The CC extends warm revolutionary greetings to all members and supporters of the Party for holding the red flag high in the face of every adversity and repression. The CC specially congratulates the comrades of Punjab for successfully hosting the Tenth Congress of the Party in Mansa.

The Tenth Congress of the Party has issued a clarion call for building all-out people’s resistance to oust the fascist Modi regime. The rise of the Modi brigade has proved to be nothing short of an unprecedented social, economic and political disaster for India and the Indian people. Not a day passes when we do not hear of violent attacks on Dalits and Muslims, brutal rapes and humiliation of women, suicides of farmers and repression on students, unemployed youth and workers fighting for their rights. All the progress and gains we made in the course of the freedom movement and decades of class struggle and socio-cultural awakening are being sought to be destroyed and the society subordinated to a most oppressive and obscurantist order where honest people are penalised and dissenting voices silenced even as corporate plunder intensifies, financial scams proliferate and the casteist-communal thugs of the Sangh brigade go berserk with the blessings of the State.

Defeating this fascist onslaught is the central challenge before the Party today. We need to summon all our energy and strength to fulfill this historic task. The Tenth Congress has not only entrusted us with this task, it has also shown us the growing potential and strength of the Party to carry it out. The Tenth Congress of the CPI(ML) emerged as a platform of unity and cooperation of a broad spectrum of Left forces and convergence of a whole range of progressive streams fighting against the fascist menace. From the organizational point of view, it has once again demonstrated the capacity of the Party to rise to the occasion by unleashing the initiative of the entire Party ranks and harnessing the support and goodwill of all our supporters and friends.

In the fiftieth year of the foundation of our Party, we must now reach out to broader sections of the working people and democratic intelligentsia with the message of the Tenth Congress. Our Party was born in the midst of a heroic people’s resistance with the resolve of carrying it forward to the ultimate victory of revolution. Today in the face of the fascist offensive of the Modi regime and the Sangh brigade, we once again see the people of India rising in resolute protest and resistance. Our job is to immerse ourselves in these waves of people’s struggle and lead them on to victory. Let us make our best efforts to ensure a decisive defeat of fascism and advance resolutely towards a people’s India where the diversity of our vast and beloved country will find a vibrant democratic expression and the aspirations of the people will be translated into inviolable rights in real life.

- Central Committee

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)


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