Save India from Genocide and Murder of Democracy

The gruesome gush of high-pitch hate speeches and loud calls of Muslim slaughter emanating from Dharma Sansads and other Hindu communal assemblies/outfits/individuals including the Tek Fog ‘trads’ in the current winter season cannot but bring back to our collective memory the communal hell-fire that broke out in the autumn and winter of 1947-48 and led to huge loss of lives including that of M K Gandhi.

Hundred Years of CPC: Great Legacy, Grave Concerns

- Part II -

If 1949 marked the culmination of New Democratic Revolution (NDR) it also meant, by definition, the simultaneous initiation of the socialist revolution/transformation. Yes, by definition, because here lies its uniqueness - - its distinctive feature - - that separates it from the bourgeois democratic revolutions. In part one of this article we revisited the legacy of the Chinese revolution up to 1949, in this part we shall outline what followed next.

And Quiet Flows the Sarayu

WITH the initiation of the actual construction of Ram Mandir on the ruins of the Babri Masjid, and that on the first anniversary of the imposition of the longest – and still continuing – period of brutalization of the lone Muslim majority state in India, the temple town on the bank of Sarayu has been given a fresh coat of political saffron.

The Communal is Anti-National Destroy It Root And Branch

It’s really a sad irony of history. We shall be observing the forthcoming Independence Day -- for the seventh year in a row -- under the auspices of those who were avowed enemies of our freedom movement and all the progressive, democratic and secular values it stood for.

Yes, avowed enemies. Just see how the ideological-political forefathers of the present rulers – and the organisations they represented -- conducted themselves during the decisive decades of our struggle for independence.