Protest The Sexual Assault By Delhi Police On Women Students During the Protest at Home Minister Shah's House

Police Brutality India

The CPIML condemns in the strongest terms the brazen sexual assault by Delhi Police personnel against women student activists on 10 October. The students were protesting outside Home Minister Amit Shah's official residence demanding that Union minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Mishra Teni, accused in an FIR of conspiring to murder protesting farmers, be sacked from his post. Women personnel of the Delhi police lifted the clothes off two women students - AISA activists Shreya K and Neha Tiwari - and kicked them repeatedly in the private parts. Both women have suffered bruising and injuries as a result. 

Must protesting farmers expect to be crushed under SUVs at the Home Ministry's orders? Must protesting women now expect to be sexually assaulted at the Home Ministry's orders? That is the message that Amit Shah and Ajay Mishra Teni seem to be issuing.

We demand an FIR against the SHO of the Mandir Marg police station and the personnel who carried out the assault. We appeal to farmers, workers, students, women all over India to protest against the Home Ministry that sexually humiliates and assault women who dare to show solidarity with martyred farmers.

- Kavita Krishnan 
On behalf of Central Committee of CPI(ML)