Second Day of CPIML Party Congress Passes & Adopts the Anti-Fascist and National Situation Resolutions

11th party congress, 2nd day

PRESS RELEASE | CPIML, 17.02.2023, Patna

Second Day of CPIML Party Congress Passes & Adopts the Anti-Fascist and National Situation Resolutions

International solidarity from Venezuela, Nepal, Ukraine, Australia, Palestine, Bangladesh and others held

After deliberating on the anti-fascist and national situation resolutions given in the draft document the CPIML delegates adopted the anti-fascist resolution and the resolution on the national situation on the second day of the 11th CPIML Party Congress. The resolutions recognise fascism as the main threat to people and democracy in the current juncture of Indian history. Indian democracy is threatened by fascism’s manifestation as a corporate-communal nexus.

Arundhathi Roy, renowned writer, expressed solidarity to anti-fascist struggles and the CPIML’s party congress. She said that anti-caste and anti-capitalist struggles have to come together to resist fascism. She welcomed the coming together of various political groups to form anti-fascist opposition.

In the international solidarity session, various fraternal organisations from Venezuela, Nepal, Ukraine, Australia, Palestine, and Bangladesh expressed their solidarity with the on-going people’s struggles in India and extended their cooperation and support in building a world that is just, democratic and plural.

The member of the Ukrainian international solidarity, Sotsialnyi Rukh, mentioned that they are resisting the ‘Great Russian Chauvinism’ led by Putin which is in stark opposition to Lenin’s position of extending sovereignty to Ukraine. He said that anti-capitalist struggles are as crucial for a better world  and Ukraine, which is free from exploitation. He thanked CPIML for standing with the people of Ukraine.

Jhala Nath Khanal of CPN(Unified Socialist) of Nepal said that there has been a long history of relationship between the communist parties in Nepal and CPIML since the 1970s, where Comrade Vinod Mishra, inspired and guided the struggles in Nepal, and also attended their 6th Party Congress. He said that Nepal is passing through changes, where even though the communist parties have been able to consolidate and win elections, the right-wing elements are penetrating society and trying to bring back monarchy. “We are launching a multidimensional class struggle within and outside the Parliament in Nepal and for us, the Left government and left unity in Nepal is of utmost importance to defeat such elements,” he added.

Expressing their solidarity, Ramon Augusto Lobo of Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) said, “From the land of Commander Hugo Chavez, a promoter of people’s unity to achieve comprehensive development and fight against all forms of oppression, through solidarity, integration and complementation, we express our firm belief in building a multipolar world that guarantees peace and justice.”

Solidarity messages were read out by Saiful Huq of Revolutionary Workers Party of Bangladesh, Bazlur Rashid of Socialist Party of Bangladesh, Sam Wainwright of Socialist Alliance (Australia), Sarabjit Johal of South Asia Solidarity (UK), and Apoorva Gautam of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. The Cuban Ambassador Alejandro Simancas Marin, MLPD Germany, Communist Party of Swaziland, Partido Communista Ecuatoriano, Partido Manggagawa (Labour Party Philippines), Union of Cypriots (Cyprus), Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (Laos) sent their solidarity messages to the party congress, which were read out.

Several organisations extended their congratulations to the 11th Party Congress of CPIML, including Left Radical of Afghanistan, Communist Party of Iran, Communist Party of Argentina, and Landless People’s Movement (Namibia).

Video solidarity messages were sent by Omar Barghouti, co-founder of BDS movement (Palestine), Swastika Arelingam, lawyer and activist from Sri Lanka, Sivarajan Arumugan, Secretary General of Socialist Party of Malaysia, Arnau Pique, international relations secretary, Communists of Catalonia and Akhtar Hussein, President of Awami Workers Party, Pakistan.


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