PRESS RELEASE_CPIML: Resolution on International Situation and Climate Change Adopted at the 11th CPIML Party Congress

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PRESS RELEASE | CPIML, 19.02.2023, Patna

Resolution on International Situation and Climate Change Adopted at the 11th CPIML Party Congress

The 11th Party Congress adopted the resolution on the International Situation, which specially addressed the Ukraine war, the approach towards Russia and China.

The CPI(ML) unequivocally condemned the Russian aggression towards Ukraine as fascistic and called for an end to the war. The party recognized NATO as a vehicle of US imperialism and called for its dismantlement.

The party also held position that China is now a capitalistic state with Chinese characteristics. It has reduced socialism to basic welfare-ism, where capitalism is kept under control, but there is an acute lack of political freedom. Chinese capitalism’s role in Africa, Pakistan and other countries needs to be seen through a critical lens.

In the resolution on climate change and environment, CPI(ML) noted that climate change is impacting the poor and marginalised people the worst in the country. India has failed to address these issues at the global level and within the country has not ensured that those responsible for environmental destruction are held accountable. The mitigation and adaptation is also not being upheld. CPI(ML) extended solidarity to movements against environmental degradation in States like Uttarakhand, Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and others.  The resolution observed Modi-led government as being in climate denial and giving a free hand to corporates to exploit India’s natural resources. The government is silent on the demands of the poor and marginalised regarding rising climate extremities. The policies resulting in environmental degradation must be withdrawn and corrected.

The party congress will continue to deliberate on the report on party organization, and other documents.

-- CPI(ML)

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