Adivasi Women Rise Up in Protest in Assam's Silsako!

Adivasi Women Rise Up in Protest in Assam's Silsako
Himanta Biswa Sharma Must Stop the Evictions Immediately!

The amount of anguish, helplessness and frustration women have to go through to take off their clothes publicly  is unimaginable. Adivasi Women of Silsako were forced to take off their clothes in a state ruled by Hindutva icon Chief Minister Hemanta Biswa Sarma. During the last couple of days, indigenous people hailing from Guwahati’s Silsako area have been protesting against evictions. However, the government did not listen to their demands. They do not have the courage to demolish Tata’s Ginger hotel in the same area. Bulldozers are selectively run targeting homes of indigenous people of Assam. This is the policy of BJP government.

CPI(ML) demand's the resignation of Hemanta Biswa Sarma for this incident and stop the eviction drive with immediate effect.