CPIML Statement on the Developing Situation in Occupied Palestine

Gaza Palestine

The escalation of Israeli aggression against civilian population in Palestinian territories occupied by Israel and the threat of ground level invasion in Gaza is a matter of grave concern. Caught unawares by the surprise offensive launched by Hamas, a departure from the Palestinian policy of peaceful, popular resistance, Israel has already unleashed vicious attacks emboldened by the support extended by the Biden Administration. Given the historical background of the present conflict, India must work for early cessation of the military offensive and help seek a political solution upholding the Palestinian right to a sovereign homeland. We appeal to the international community and the United Nations to restrain Israel and Hamas and save the lives of beleaguered Palestinians and common Israeli people.

Modi has called this a terrorist attack and declared his solidarity with Israel. The BJP is trying to draw a false equivalence between terrorist attacks in India and the present Hamas offensive. Yet again the Modi government and the BJP has turned a blind eye to the occupation and crimes perpetrated against the Palestinians, and seek to instrumentalise this situation to fan hatred for Muslims.

- Central Committee, CPIML