The notification of rules for implementation of the patently unjust, discriminatory and divisive Citizenship

discriminatory and divisive Citizenship

Notification of Rules for CAA Signals a Major Political Conspiracy Ahead of 2024 Polls Amendment Act passed in December 2019 signals a major political conspiracy just ahead of the notification of the 2024 poll schedule. The CAA, as indicated by Amit Shah in his famous 'chronology' explanation, is a precursor to a nationwide NRC-NPR exercise aimed at stripping undocumented citizens of their citizenship rights. CAA clearly seeks to polarise citizens on the basis of their religious affiliation, deceptively promising citizenship to non-Muslim 'refugees' while threatening Muslims with loss of citizenship and possible deportation. But going by the experience of the NRC exercise in Assam and the ongoing demolition drives across the country, the poor of every community including Adivasis and forest-dwellers are going to be particularly vulnerable.

The democratic opinion of the country and the equal citizenship and constitutional rights movement have rejected the CAA-NRC package as an assault on the Constitution. The notification of the CAA rules just ahead of the elections underlines the urgency of the people's movement to defend the constitutional foundation of democracy and the need to vote out the Modi regime in the coming elections.

We appeal to diverse sections of the people fighting for their rights - the farmers fighting for legal guarantee to MSP, the working class fighting for labour rights, the employees for restoration of the Old Pension Scheme, the youth for secure jobs, women for freedom, safety and equal rights, the deprived people for caste census and enhanced reservation and diverse identities and regions fighting for constitutional safeguards and federal rights - to share the just concerns over the discriminatory and divisive CAA and make common cause with the equal citizenship movement. We must stand united and not let the Modi government and the BJP succeed in their design to polarise the people, divert their attention and derail the mission to defeat the fascist forces in the forthcoming elections.

-  Central Committee, CPIML Liberation