Resolutions passed by the Central Committee of CPIML Liberation in its meeting held on 15-16 June 2024 in Patna

  1. The CC welcomes the Lok Sabha election results as a mandate against Modi's dictatorship and BJP’s quest for political hegemony, and resolves to continue our fight for democracy and the Constitution. The CC also congratulates the Party candidates Comrade Rajaram Singh and Comrade Sudama Prasad for their victory in Karakat and Arrah. We thank the people of Agiaon for their mandate for Comrade Shivprakash Ranjan in the by-election for MLA from Agiaon after the conviction in a false case and unfair cancellation of legislative post of Comrade Manoj Manzil.

  2. CC commends the efforts of the INDIA alliance for the fight put up against the NDA and resolves to continue the efforts to unite all political parties against the BJP, while giving full expression to the aspirations of the people.

  3. Despite the people’s mandate against it in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, BJP has come to power in Odisha riding on the strong anti-incumbency coupled with the political vacuum and the popular yearning for change. The 24-year tenure of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has ended, and the pro-corporate BJP has formed the government under Chief Minister Mohan Majhi, who is infamous for his protests demanding release of Dara Singh and others convicted in the gruesome murder of Graham Staines and his two minor children. CC recognises this as the intent of BJP to take Odisha in the same direction of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and calls on the forces of democracy to resist this with greater unity and determination.

  4. CC calls on people to reject the cynical right-wing backlash against the people of Ayodhya for the loss of the BJP in the Faizabad constituency to Awadesh Prasad, Dalit SP candidate. BJP supporters and  the right-wing ecosystem have launched a veritable hate campaign against the Hindus of Ayodhya, declaring them as ungrateful and opportunistic, and calling for their boycott. This vilification of the voters of Ayodhya exposes the patronising and cynical attitude of the BJP towards voters.

  5. The 2024 Lok Sabha elections have thrown up more questions, doubts and suspicions regarding EVMs. ECI is yet to clarify why it failed to make public the aggregate voting figure until 11 days after the first phase and 4 days after the second. There is still no credible explanation for the increase of I crore 7 lakh votes and poll percentage by 5.7% during this period. Reports are now emerging that the ECI discarded 5,54, 598 votes across 362 Lok Sabha seats and that there is a discrepancy between votes polled and votes counted in more than 140 parliamentary constituencies. There is a need for even more energised assertion of the people on the streets demanding answers from the ECI.

  6. CC recognises the public demand for an enquiry into the Exit Poll Stock Market Scam and the statements of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah which resulted in the manipulation of the stock market. The broadcast of the exit polls on June 1 and 2 predicting a landslide victory for the BJP and the NDA, caused record highs in the stock market with Nifty and Sensex surging up. However, as the results poured in on June 4, proving the exit polls wrong, the stock markets crashed heavily causing losses in lakhs of crores.

  7. The massive corruption in the conduct of NEET is systematic and inevitable in privatisation of competitive exams. NEET since its inception has brought out the fallacy of the One Nation One Exam model in a diverse country like India where different state boards incorporate diverse curriculum according to regional needs. The CC will continue to fight to end exams through the NTA and for Universities to conduct their own entrance exams.

  8. The LG Delhi granting sanction for the prosecution of Arundhati Roy and Sheikh Showkhat Hussain under UAPA, is just another instance of the vindictive quelling of any voice of democracy and dissent, that has become an essential feature of the Indian brand of fascism. The very same LG of Delhi is behind the false defamation case against activist Medha Patkar, in which she has convicted and now awaits sentencing on punishment. The CC will continue to fight for the repeal of all draconian laws and for the release of all political prisoners and prisoners who are not released after completion of their sentences.

  9. Within weeks of coming to power, we have witnessed the impending prosecution of Arundhati Roy and Sheikh Showkat Hussain, the FIR against journalists of “The Caravan”, the lynching of two Muslim men in Chhattisgarh, the arrest of Adivasi activist Suneeta Pottam - all reflecting the conscious endeavour to portray a continuum in fascist polity. The CC calls on the people of the country to continue their resistance to the Modi regime.

  10. The new criminal laws are scheduled to come into force from 1st July. These laws, having debilitating implications for civil liberties and human rights, will facilitate the clampdown on legitimate political dissent and protest. The CC calls for the withdrawal of these three new criminal laws and urges to people to expose this farce of alleged ‘decolonisation of laws’ for what it really is – entrenchment of colonial police powers for the curtailment of civil liberties and the dawn of a formal police state.

  11. The ganging up of bigoted residents against a lone Muslim woman allottee in a complex of 462 units in Vadodara is Hindu bigotry parading out into the open from the everyday casteist exclusion of Muslims and Dalits from housing. The silence of the larger society emboldens the hate-mongers. Unite against hate, unite for justice, unite to reject the perpetual dehumanisation of religious minorities.

  12. CC endorses the objections by the farmers organisations to the appointment of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who was responsible for the death of six protesting farmers in police firing in M.P.’s Mandsaur in June 2017, as Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. This insult is compounded by the failure of the 1st cabinet meeting of the Modi government to take necessary decisions to address the acute agrarian crisis and meet the long pending demands farmers - law to guarantee MSP, full loan waiver, repeal of privatisation of electricity, reduction in the cost of production and assured insurance and pension.

  13. Even as the heatwave makes life and work impossible across several states leading to loss of lives and livelihoods, Prime Minister Modi, the Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) tasked with the duty to respond to disasters immediately, has failed to convene a single meeting of the NDMA since coming to power, let alone take cognizance of the incessant heatwaves and pass necessary orders to protect the lives of particularly the poor and the working class, who are suffering most due to the heatwaves. We demand a comprehensive Heat Action Plan to be developed and adequate compensation to be given to families of people who died in heat wave.

  14. The CC reiterates it deepest solidarity to the people of Palestine, who are currently facing a genocide at the hands of the settler colonial apartheid state of Israel. While condemning the horrifying war crimes being committed by Israel, the CC also condemns the US administration and its imperialist allies who are using lies to justify once again escalating military support for Israel, emboldening it to commit further war crimes. CC resolves to ensure that the Indian government upholds its anti-imperialist solidarity with Palestine and does not endorse in any way Israel’s genocidal project.

  15. CC expresses deep grief and anguish over the fire tragedy in Kuwait in which workers from different countries were killed including 41 Indians. CC urges the Government of India to provide proper treatment to the injured and compensation to the families of the deceased workers. It is time that the Union government sheds it apathy towards the rights and safety of migrant workers from India flocking to other countries due to diminishing employment opportunities and low wages.

  16. CC condemns the BJP government’s relentless assault on Adivasis in Chhattisgarh resulting in repeated heinous massacre of Adivasis which are disguised as encounters. Emboldened by the its Assembly victory last year and now the sweep of MP seats in Chhattisgarh, the Modi regime and the Sangh-BJP brigade are bound to intensify their fascist offensive on the people of Chhattisgarh. We urge the people to stand with the Adivasis in the battle against the corporate plunder of natural resources in Chhattisgarh.

  17. CC resolves that the MNREGA allocation must be atleast to the tune of Rs 2.5 lakh crore to help alleviate rural unemployment distress. It is also imperative that the State comes up with comprehensive housing plan for the urban and rural poor and the announcement of 3 crore houses is grossly inadequate, and moreover, the allocated amounts per house are also inadequate and must be increased to a minimum of Rs. 7 lakhs per house.

Central Committee of CPIML Liberation

15-16 June 2024 in Patna