Marx Bicentenary in Modi's India: Wielding Marx's Ideas as a Weapon of Resistance

We are commemorating the bicentenary of Karl Marx’s birth. At a time when the Sangh brigade has unleashed a virulent assault on democracy and is trying to forcibly impose the Sangh’s ideology on the entire country and society, the Marx Bicentenary gives us a great opportunity to widely disseminate and discuss Marx’s revolutionary ideas and wage a powerful battle for democracy, liberty and equality.

Reading Ambedkar After Three Years of Modi Raj

AS part of its ‘appropriation of icons’ drive, the BJP is keen to appropriate Ambedkar in the service of Hindutva. We are told that Ambedkar stood for a strong nation transcending caste divisions and the BJP seeks precisely to achieve it through the unification of Hindus. Ambedkar stood for empowerment of Dalits, and the BJP propagandists have begun to cite the election of Ramnath Kovind as the biggest proof of the BJP’s commitment to the cause. Ambedkar was the chief architect of the constitution of Republican India, for BJP that makes Ambedkar the ‘modern Manu’!

Travesty of Social Justice in Nitish Kumar's Bihar

THE atrocities on Mahadalits in Araria, Bihar, and the murders of CPI(ML) leaders organising struggles of the Mahadalits to retain hold on their rightful land, have once again called the bluff of the JDU-RJD Government’s claims of ‘social justice.’ This atrocity is the latest in a long line of similar attacks on homestead lands of Dalits and Mahadalits, and killings of activists organising struggles of the oppressed and landless poor. The rape and murder of a teenage Mahadalit girl Dika Kumari in Hajipur inside a Government-run Ambedkar hostel has also added to this churning.

A Blood-Stained New Year At Rahariya

NEW Year’s day came to Rahariya village in Bhargama block, Araria district, Bihar with a murderous attack on the Rishidev (Musahar) community by an organised gang of the dominant Yadav caste from the nearby Belsara village. Two CPI(ML) leaders - Comrade Satyanarayan Yadav (Araria district secretary) and Comrade Kamleshwari Rishidev were hacked to death by this gang, which also tortured, stripped, molested and severely injured many others from the Mahadalit Musahar hamlet of Rahariya that day.

Sanitation Workers' Struggle

EVERY morning, in every village, town and city around the country, even before the sun rises, an army of lakhs of safai karamcharis begin their daily work of sweeping the streets and clearing garbage. This work is an obligatory function of the State, and has to be done every single day. Garbage and dirt cannot be allowed to collect on the streets and pavements, since that would lead to health epidemics and a serious crisis.