The Bihar Verdict and Its Resonance for India

The first major elections held in the shadow of Covid19 pandemic and its complement, the brutal lockdown and its disastrous aftermath, have produced a stunning outcome. Till as late as early October when nominations began for the elections, opinion polls were predicting an emphatic majority for the NDA in Bihar. It was expected to be an easy cakewalk for Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar, nobody gave the opposition even an outside chance. A month later, most exit polls however  predicted a clear edge for the RJD-Left-INC opposition alliance.

Democracy, the biggest gain we made from our freedom movement, must be saved at all costs

INDIA observed the 73rd anniversary of Independence in the midst of a raging epidemic. While many countries in the world are now recovering from the havoc of the Covid19 pandemic, in India the graph continues to be on a steep climb with more than 60,000 cases being added per day. With more than 25 lakh cases and nearly 50,000 deaths, the ID 2020 environment is undeniably pretty gloomy.

The Pledge of Independence Day 2020: Freedom from Fascism

August is India’s month of independence. This year as India celebrates the seventy third anniversary of the country’s independence, the celebrations are however bound to be unprecedentedly muted. Not just because of the mandatory restriction on assemblies of people and the physical distance that citizens are expected to maintain as part of the Covid19 preventive protocols, but more because of the dark clouds of gloom and uncertainty on our everyday sky.

Galwan Valley Clash: Issue a White Paper on the LAC Standoff with China and Resolve the Border Dispute Peacefully and Diplomatically

EVEN as India is faced with the enormous public health emergency caused by the Covid19 epidemic and the massive socio-economic crisis triggered and aggravated by the lockdown in force since 25 March, Chinese and Indian troops clashed in the Galwan valley area in the Ladakh sector of China-India LAC on 15/16 June resulting in the death of twenty Indian soldiers including one colonel and reportedly also some unspecified and unconfirmed casualties on the Chinese side.

The Lockdown Has Unlocked India's Suppressed Social Reality of Migrant Workers

IT has now been nearly four months since the World Health Organisation warned us about the coronavirus emergency and two months since the government of India imposed a countrywide lockdown in India. China, the country of origin of the virus and also of the lockdown strategy which has shaped the overwhelming global response, albeit with considerable local variations, has more or less bid goodbye to the epidemic, as have a few other Asian countries.

Delhi 2020 Verdict – A Much Needed Blow to the Modi-Shah Regime

AFTER a vicious BJP campaign to conquer Delhi we now have the results of Delhi 2020 Assembly elections, and it is almost a repeat of the 2015 elections. AAP has by and large retained its 2015 vote share of more than 50% even though its seat tally has dropped marginally from 67 to 62. The seats lost by AAP have all gone to the BJP raising its tally to 8. The Congress once again could not open its account and if AAP managed to retain its 2015 vote share it was at the cost of the Congress.

Republic Day 2020: The Republic's Biggest Crisis Has Produced the Most Vibrant Resistance

REPUBLIC Day 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the Republic and the Constitution which proclaimed it. Never before in these seventy years has the Republic faced the kind of grave internal challenge it is facing today from the very executive which is entrusted with the power and responsibility of administering the rule of law in accordance with the Constitution. The basic character of the Constitution is today under attack.