Ulgulan Maharally in Ranchi Sounded the Bugle against Modi’s Hate, Lies and Loot
against Modi’s Hate, Lies and Loot

A massive Ulgulan Nyay Maharally was organised by INDIA alliance in Ranchi on April 21. The rally, with the slogan of ‘Jharkhand Jhukega Nahi, INDIA Wont Stop’ [Jharkhand will not surrender, INDIA Bloc will March on] was a great show of unity and resolve of the fighting people of Jharkhand. The rally held in historic land of Birsa's Ulgulan sounded the bugle against Modi regime’s hate, lies and loot.

CPIML General Secretary, Comrade Dipankar addressing the rally said Modi regime is hell bent to make people of Jharkhand to surrender to the BJP-RSS’s politics of hate and division. The then BJP double engine government had tried to use all its tactics of sedition, draconian laws and police brutality-firing on fighting people of Jharkhand to silence the voices of justice and democratic rights. But they had not succussed due to the resolve of the people.

Today despite Jharkhand begin hub for several public sector industries, the Modi regime brazen privatization had led to massive migration of youth from the state in search of jobs and livelihood. Today, the public sector HEC employees, who played a vital role in India’s moon mission are still running piler to post to get their salaries. This government is not bothered about issues like unemployment, price rise and livelihood that hit the people, but are busy dividing people on communal lines and attacking our constitution.

“We appeal to you to give a befitting reply to such forces who want to destroy Babasaheb Ambedkar’s constitutional and its values. This Lok Sabha election is the voice of youth demanding employment against a regime that only works for the corporates. Defeat BJP and ensure victory of INDIA alliance,” added Com. Dipankar.