CPIML MLAs will Raise People’s Issues Inside Assembly

The Left is being much talked about after the Bihar Assembly election results. The three Left parties in the Mahagathbandhan have won 16 seats in this election. CPIML contested 19 and won 12 seats; CPI and CPM contested 6 and 4 seats respectively and won 2 each. This the largest tranche of Left representatives to reach the Assembly in the last one and a half decades and that is why the Left, especially CPIML, is now constantly the focus of discussion.

Right to Employment Sacrificed at Altar of ‘Austerity Measures’ in Uttarakhand

THE Uttarakhand government has issued an order to stay recruitments in 2020-21. The logic behind this order is the old cliché that the government needs to curtail expenditure. But the truth of these so-called austerity measures is exposed by Principal Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh’s letter of 10 June. In Point No. 2 he says new posts will not be created and appointment of workers on the basis of daily wage or contract will be wholly banned. But in Point No.

SC Verdict on Reservation in Promotions

THE verdict pronounced by the Supreme Court on reservation in promotions has raised fresh questions on the stand of the ruling powers as well as the judiciary towards social justice. ‘Reservation in promotions is not a fundamental right’: these are the much talked about words of the SC verdict which are making headlines. But if we study the verdict, the matter is beyond and above this. The stand adopted in this case by the Central and Uttarakhand BJP governments is an attempt to cover up their deeds with lies.

Political Drama in Uttarakhand

AFTER a 54-day high voltage drama, the Harish Rawat government has been reinstated in Uttarakhand. In this phase of “firsts” that the country is witnessing, it can also be said that Harish Rawat is the first Chief Minister to become Chief Minister thrice in a single term. This whole episode started on 18 March when, during the budget session of the Assembly, 9 legislators of the ruling Congress party demanded a vote on the budget. Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal rejected their demand and declared the budget passed by voice vote.