Lessons of the Pandemic: Jobs, Wages, Housing, Food Security Are Public Health Issues

(Interview with AICCTU National Secretary and CPIML Karnataka Secretary Clifton D’Rozario, who is also an advocate who has consistently argued Covid-19 and lockdown relief cases in the Karnataka High Court. The interview is reproduced with gratitude from The Third Eye, 18 June 2021)  

Can we talk about the Right to Food campaign and the issue of food security as part of public health?

'If People are Lynched for Not Saying Jai Shree Ram, I Will Certainly Protest'

(Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen's comments against the use of Jai Shree Ram as a murder cry by Sanghi lynch mobs have predictably rattled the Sangh brigade. Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Ray has asked Sen to confine himself to Economics and not comment on issues of culture and politics. Sen responds to this reaction in this topical interview published in the Bengali daily Anandabazar Patrika (13 July, 2019).