Born Here, Grew up Here, Where Can We go Now?

It was about nine in the morning and the sun was already blazing. In the scorching heat, under the open skies, an infant child lay exposed to the sun. Men, women and children were wandering here and there, trying to find a sliver of shade. On 5 October 2021 the administration had ruthlessly bulldozed the huts in Patna's Malahi Pakdi inhabited mainly by rag- pickers and their families. All the huts were razed to the ground; and not content with that, all goods and possessions were set afire and destroyed.

SHGs and Microfinance Companies: Legalised Usury in the Name of 'Self-Reliance'

RURAL society in Bihar has seen a big change in recent times, and rural women have an important role in this change. ASHA workers, Rasoiyas, Anganwadi Sevikas-Sahayikas, Jeevikas and other sec-tions of working women have changed the structure of rural life. Earlier, they used to have no work other than work in the fields, but now they are engaged in other work also. Their organizations and movements are mostly led by Left organizations, but unfortunately the Jeevika SHG has only a single organization and that is the BJP-run BMS.