DIEGO MARADONA (1960-2020)

With Maradona’s death, a generation of football players from South America is slowly passing us by: a generation which includes greats like Garrincha, Zico and Socrates and Pele. This was a group of individuals who played the joga bonito (the beautiful game) the way they learnt it as kids in the slums of Rio, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. Their style not dictated by computer simulations and big data, they played football based on their instincts. This is what marked them out as great players. They saw an opening where no one else did, as if they had eyes at the back of their heads.

Notes From the Election Campaign at Agiaon

Before the de-limitation exercise in 2010, large parts of what is today the Agiaon Assembly Constituency in Bhojpur were part of Sahar constituency which was represented for three consecutive terms by the legendary leader of Bhojpur, Comrade Ramnaresh Ram. Today, Agiaon is dotted with memorials and plaques marking the martyrdom of comrades in the struggle against feudalism and for social dignity of Dalits and the rural poor.

Dr. Pushpa M Bhargava: A Life for Science

ON the 1st of August, well known molecular biologist Dr. Pushpa M Bhargava passed away. He was 89 years old and had not been keeping well of late. PMB as he was known to his colleagues and friends was probably along with Yash Pal, who also passed away recently, the last among a generation of scientists whose social and political consciousness was whetted by our Freedom movement. PMB initially trained as a chemist doing his PhD from Lucknow University before Independence. From there he moved to Hyderabad to work at the Regional Research Laboratory.