Comrade Venkanna, Comrade Murali, Comrade Ramji Rajbhar

Comrade Venkanna

Comrade Narra Venkateswara Rao, popularly known as Buggapadu Venkanna, 42, passed away on 13 November 2008 from a cardiac arrest. Comrade Venkanna joined our party in March 2008. His forefathers migrated to Warangal Mulugu forest area from Krishna District after the withdrawal of the Telangana armed stuggle. His father also was an active revolutionary leader who worked with the Chandra Pulla Reddy group of CPI(ML). At the age of 15 Comrade Venkanna joined a squad led by Comrade Dharmanna, a popular veteran leader and close associate of CPR. Later he joined CPI(ML) Janashakti where he worked for many years. After joining our party he worked to activise his old base among tribals, taking up the land question. He played a key role in organising the AIALA State Conference at Khammam. Comrade Venkanna is survived by his wife Vijaya who is a member of the AIPWA State Executive.

Long Live Comrade Venkanna!

Comrade Murali

Comrade Gunuganti Murali, 32, of Kerchapalli village of Nalgonda district, died an untimely and accidental death due to electric shock at his home on 12 November 2008. He began his revolutionary journey with attraction towards the PWG and joined as a squad member. Later he was associated with the Nagi Reddy faction (now known as the Kanu Sanyal faction) and worked as in-charge of the youth wing Nava Yuvajana Sangam for quite some time. He joined our party four years back. Facing all the initial challenges in Telangana, Comrade Murali stood like a rock defending the party. He developed a good base among beedi workers and also among spinning mill workers and started AICCTU in Bhainsa town of Adilabad district. He was elected to the State Executive of AICCTU. In spite of threats to his life by the ex-PWG mafia leader Nayeem, Murali resolutely worked for the people as a CPI(ML) activist. CPI(ML) pays homage to Comrade Murali, a brave son of the Telangana soil.

Red Salute to Comrade Murali!

Comrade Ramji Rajbhar

Comrade Ramji Rajbhar, 50 passed away due to a sudden heart attack on 12 November. Comrade Rajbhar was a member of the Gazipur district standing committee and Secretary of the Bhadaura block. He joined the communist movement in 1997. Working initially in the Jamania block, he led the party in expanding our work to the Bhadaura block and mobilised rural poor in many struggles. His untimely death is deeply grieved by the party. A condolence meeting was held at the Bhadaura party office, where comrades including the UP State Secretary Sudhakar Yadav paid tribute to both Comrade Ramji Rajbhar as well as Comrade Ashok of Lokyuddh who also had just passed away. Comrade Rajbhar’s funeral procession was attended by some 2000 local people who marched raising slogans promising to continue his struggle and realise his dreams.

Long Live Comrade Ramji Rajbhar!

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