CPI(ML)’s First Mumbai-Thane Conference

The first Conference of the Mumbai-Thane unit of CPI(ML) was held on 20 April at Comrade Jayant Ganguly Nagar (Boisar-Jambhlapada) at Comrade Ashok Kumar Hall. The Conference began with hoisting of the party flag by Comrade Kisan Dublake of Jambhlapada. CC member Swapan Mukherjee, who was also the central observer at the Conference, paid floral tributes to the martyrs’ memorial. Around 60 delegates, of whom half were women, participated in the Conference.

The Conference was conducted by a 5-member presidium, headed by Comrade Shyam Gohil, who presented a political-organisational document for discussion in the house, which was read out by Comrade Dhiraj Rathod. After discussion, the document was unanimously adopted by the house. A 11-member Mumbai-Thane committee with Comrade Shyam Gohil as Secretary was then elected.

A 11-member Boisar local committee was also elected. A branch committee for the Mumbai Nagar Nigam union was also elected.

Addressing the house, central observer Comrade Swapan Mukherjee congratulated the comrades and called for intensifying the efforts to organize adivasi people of the area against the ongoing plunder of resources and assaults on their rights.

Comrade Dhiraj Rathod and newly elected secretary Comrade Shyam Gohil also addressed the Conference, calling for all comrades to strengthen the functioning and activism of the party in Mumbai-Thane.

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