Dalit Kids Beaten For Using Public Pond in Buxar
Dalit Kid Beaten

On 23 June 2018, in Bhada village of Buxar district of Bihar, 3 Dalit children - Akshay Lal Ram, Shambhu Ram and Mantosh Paswan, all of whom are students of Class 9 - were assaulted by feudal goons of the dominant Bhumihar community led by Langad Pandey and Sanjay Pandey for bathing in a public pond. They dragged the three boys out of the pond. When the Dalit boys protested saying the pond was a common one, for everyone’s use, the assailants beat them up saying they had polluted the pond by bathing in it.

Muslims and Dalits and all oppressed sections of the village united to protest, and in the ensuing clash, an intermediate student Shamsher suffered a skull fracture and had to be hospitalized in Patna when the feudal men hit him on the head.    

On 8 July hundreds of villagers participated in Janpratirodh Sabha (protest public meeting) called by the CPI(ML) in Bhada village against this incident. Addressing the meeting Comrade Manoj Manzil, RYA leader and CPI(ML) Central Committee member, said that the Brahminical and feudal forces felt emboldened by the Modi and BJP regimes in Centre and State, which had weakened the SC/ST Atrocity Act.

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