Hunger Strike by CPIML against Police Atrocities in Ranchi

CPIML organized a one-day hunger strike on 16 June 2022 in front of Bapu Vatika at Morhabadi Maidan in Ranchi against the continuing repression, after the brutal incident of police firing on muslim protesters on 10 June, against minority community and innocent persons by the administration and at the behest of a Sanghi-minded Governor and the silence of the State government.

In Solidarity with the ongoing SSC Struggle in West Bengal

Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya along with Comrades Abhijit Mazumdar, Jayatu Deshmukh, Kartick Pal and Somenath Chatterjee expressed their support and solidarity for the ongoing SSC struggle in West Bengal. The battle in its second phase entered its 273rd day under the banner of Yubo-Chhatro Adhikar Mancha (Platform for Student-Youth Rights) and is going on uninterrupted at the Gandhi Statue near the Kolkata Maidan despite heavy police restrictions and occasional repression.

Kisan Samvad Yatra in Maharashtra

At a meeting in Pune on 7 September 2021, the leadership of the Lal Nishan Party and the CPIML Liberation resolved to work in close cooperation for the success of ongoing people’s movements in Maharashtra and all over India, for a powerful Left assertion and growing cooperation with wide-ranging democratic forces for a powerful anti fascist resistance.  

Bhagalpur: Brutal Police Killing of Government Employee


CPIML and RJD jointly organized a protest on 30 March at Ghanta Chowk in Bhagalpur against the brutal beating to death of Irrigation department employee Sanjay Kumar by the police at Barari Thana. Mahagathbandhan activists protested by burning Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's effigy and raising slogans against the brutal killing and demanding the repeal of the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021.