Loan Waiver for Women Rally in Patiala

CPIML organized a ‘Loan Waiver for Women’ rally in Patiala on 8 October 2020 at the Punda grounds attended by thousands of women, farmers, workers and youth.

CPIML has accused the Modi government of imposing Corporate Raj in the country in the name of nationalism. That is why the 3 new anti-farm Acts have been passed and the road opened for handing over farming to the corporates. Big corporate houses and companies have got huge loan waivers while poor women, workers, farmers and small traders facing Lockdown and recession have been given no relief.

The rally was led by State Secretary Gurmeet Singh Bakhtapur, CC member Rajvinder Singh rana, AIKM National President Ruldu Singh Mansa, and Mazdoor Mukti Morcha State President Bhagwant Singh Samaon. The rally was also addressed by Sukhdarshan Singh Natt, women’s loan relief organizations and leaders of various organizations.

Comrade Bakhtapur said that on the one hand the Modi government is weakening all constitutional institutions; while on the other hand they are selling off natural resources and national assets to private hands. Bhagwant Singh Samaon demanded that the Punjab government should fulfill its promise and waive all loans of women’s SHGs from finance companies. Action should be taken against agents who go to women’s homes and pressurize them for installments. Comrade Ruldu Singh said that if the Modi government does not withdraw the anti-farm laws, the farmers and workers of the contry will ensure their exit from power. Rajvinder Singh Rana appealed appealed to revolutionary and Left parties to come together and fight the anti-farmer fascist Modi government.

The following resolutions were passed at the rally:

  1. We demand a probe into the post-matric dalit scholarship scam amounting to crores of rupees and resignation of Cabinet Minister Sadhu Singh Dharmasot responsible for the scam.
  2. Add puaal (straw) management works to MNREGA to generate employment for the rural poor and to reduce pollution.
  3. Release all political prisoners, leaders, intellectuals, thinkers and journalists arrested in the Bhima Koregaon case and the Delhi riots case.

Present at the rally were leaders from AIPWA, AISA, Kisan leaders and labor leaders.

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