Dhikkar Diwas Observed in Bihar: MLAs Brutally Beaten Inside Assembly, Police Raj Act Forcibly Passed


The first use of the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021 was perpetrated inside the Bihar Assembly itself on 23 March 2021.
Shattering all rules and traditions of the constitutional and parliamentary system, police and goons entered the Assembly, brutally beat up opposition MLAs and pushed them out, after which BJP-JDU passed the draconian Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021 changing Bihar into a Police Raj.

Hindutva Goons Attack Kisan Dharna in Muzaffarpur

CPIML State Secretary Kunal strongly condemned the attack by goons affiliated to Hindutva organizations on farmers sitting on dharna under the AIKSCC banner on 16 February at the Shaheed Khudiram Bose Memorial in Muzaffarpur. He said that these days organizations in Bihar associated with the BJP have become so bold that they indulge in naked goondaism. If the Bihar government has even a shred of respect for democratic processes all the attackers must be arrested immediately and such incidents must be stopped.

Debt Relief Movement

AIARLA organised a month-long campaign between 16 August to 15 September 2020, demanding debt relief on loans issued to Self Help Groups (SHGs), given the serious economic and social distress caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The completely unplanned lockdown has resulted in increasing cases of starvation and near-starvation. Lack of livelihood options and employment has crippled the rural economy.

IREF observes Countrywide Anti-Privatization Day

Under the call given by the Indian Railway Employees Federation, Anti-Privatization day was observed across the country on 18 August 2020. Railway employees at all zones, divisions, production units, railway stations and workshops organized marches in a peaceful democratic way while maintaining physical distance, and made railway employees aware of the need to oppose privatization and save the railways.

Protests Against the Racist and Casteist Attacks on Professor Maroona Murmu

Professor of the History Department of Jadavpur University, Maroona Murmu, made a comment on social media supporting voicing concerns about final semester exams being held during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students across the country had been protesting against exams being held during the pandemic, fearing that their safety and future would be put at risk. In response to her comment, however, a storm of casteist and racist abuse was unleashed against Professor Murmu on Facebook.