Modi Regime's War on Working Class

THE Modi government has declared a veritable war on the working class of the country. Modi warned in his televised address that people should be ready for “bold reforms”. BJP-led state governments of UP, MP and Gujarat, of course under the blessings of Modi’s central government, have already scrapped or rendered labour laws totally ineffective.

Attacks on Students and Public Education

THE nationwide lockdown has come down heavily on all sections of society in some way or the other but barriers of class, caste and governmental apathy has rendered some at the margins of life and death. Among those who have been completely overlooked and whose concerns have failed to ring any alarm in the minds of those sitting in power, is the student and youth community, in a nation where more than 50% of the population is below 25 years of age.

The Pandemic's India Journey: Short Takes

The Social Pattern of Covid-19 Deaths

IN the US, 13% of the population makes up 32% of the deaths from COVID-19. According to a Washington Post analysis, counties that are majority black have almost six times the rate of deaths as counties where white residents are in the majority. In Wisconsin, black people are just 6% of the population and nearly 40% of COVID-19 fatalities. In Michigan, black people represent 14% of the state's population but 40% of its deaths.