Condemn Politically Vindictive Arrests Of Teesta Setalvad, R.B. Shreekumar and Others For Pursuing Justice For Victims of Gujarat 2002 Carnage

The chronology is clear: the arrests of human rights defenders follow language by the Supreme Court of India framing “protagonists of the quest for justice” as conspirators for seeking to hold the Gujarat State machinery accountable for targeted violence.

Register Case Against Army Officers Responsible for Massacre of Workers in Nagaland 

CPIML has strongly condemned the massacre of 13 coal mine workers in Oting village, Mon District, Nagaland by security forces and demanded the immediate repeal of AFSPA. The party has expressed profound sympathy with the victim families. 

The CPIML Central Committee has issued a statement saying that the massacre that took place in Nagaland on 4 December has exposed the truth about the Modi government's much-hyped Nagaland Peace Accord.