Budget 2021: Promotes Company Raj and Betrays the Demands of Economic Revival and People's Survival


The first post-Covid budget of the Modi government makes no attempt to arrest and reverse the dangerous down slide of the economy, and provide immediate relief to the most affected sections of people who have lost jobs and suffered major erosion in income and livelihood. Instead, the budget follows the direction of transferring the burden of the crisis to the people while providing India's big corporations with increasing opportunities for wealth accumulation.

BJP’s “Love Jehad” Politics: Hating Love, Loving Hate

(We take a close look at BJP’s politics that brands interfaith marriage as “love jehad”, and is trying to enact laws criminalising such relationships. We also include a report of AIPWA’s meeting with victims of such a law in UP.)

What is “love jehad”?

“Love jehad” is the term used by the RSS and BJP to spread hatred against interfaith marriages in which the man is Muslim and the woman Hindu.

Bihar: Facts Bust NDA’s Sushasan Claims

Nitish Kumar has been CM of Bihar for a nearly unbroken 15 years (with a brief interval in which Jitan Ram Manjhi replaced him). Between 2005 and 2015, he presided over an NDA regime. The NDA was trounced in the 2015 polls, and Nitish Kumar became CM in a Mahagathbandhan government with the RJD. But the NDA stole the mandate with Nitish Kumar allying with the BJP which  the people of Bihar had so comprehensively rejected.

Invoking 'Contempt' To Crush Criticism

THE 'contempt of court' judgement against Prashant Bhushan will go down as one of the most bizarre verdicts ever given by the Supreme Court of India. The apex Court took suo motu cognizance of two tweets by Bhushan and delivered a verdict running into more than one hundred pages holding him guilty of not just 'contempt' of court but destabilisation of the constitutional foundation of justice and democracy.