CM Yogi orders Digging of Well to Douse Already Raging Fire


CPIML Uttar Pradesh state unit said on 19 April 2021 that Chief Minister Yogi's order to start an oxygen plant in view of the huge number of Covid deaths in Lucknow and other parts of the State due to oxygen shortage is like starting to dig a well in order to douse a fire that is already raging.

The party said that by the time the said oxygen plant is ready, a great many more lives would be lost due to shortage of oxygen. The government pontificated for an entire year about social distancing and masks, but indulged in sheer negligence by not utilizing the one year's time to put any preparations in place. Scientists had warned of the possibility of a second wave. But the government did nothing to make adequate life-saving arrangements like testing, treatment, ambulances, hospitals, beds, oxygen, ventilators, ICU, injections and vaccinations and wasted the precious period on unnecessary things instead.

As a result, there is no space even in crematoriums now. The government is very ready to blame the people for the spread of Covid and slap heavy fines for violations. But the question is, who will take responsibility for the criminal negligence in preparedness on the part of the government? Rampant loot is going on in the name of treatment. Huge black-marketing of Remdesivir and oxygen is going on. Common people who are Covid patients are running from pillar to post but unable to get proper treatment. Such a government, that leaves the people to fend for themselves in this crisis and die due to lack of beds, medicines and oxygen, has no right to remain in power.

The Yogi government has failed on all fronts due to its lack of foresight and has failed to curb the galloping number of Covid cases and deaths. In order to hide their failure they are fudging statistics so that the people do not get the correct information. Government figures show only a low number of deaths whereas burial grounds and crematoriums are overflowing with bodies that are Covid deaths. The government is even boarding over crematoriums to hide the truth.

CPIML said that for the BJP votes, power, and attention to religious events is more important than human lives, as is evident from the Bengal election to the UP Panchayat election to the Haridwar Mahakumbh. The height of insensitivity is being witnessed not only in the UP government but also in the top leadership of the BJP. The honorable Prime Minister and Home Minister are busy with election rallies and road shows instead of handling the huge Covid crisis that is engulfing the country. The party that detests democracy is pretending to be the champion of democracy.


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