From Seventeen to Seventy, A Dedicated Life for Revolution
Comrade DP Bakshi

-- Yudhisthir Mahapatra, Odisha State Secretary

HE was on of the founder of our Party and served the Party as its Central Committee and Politbureau Member. He played an unforgettable role of building and expanding party organisation in the State Odisha. Because of his simplicity, brave and cordial behaviour, he was a beloved person for all.

In his underground life, he worked as a hotel boy - happily washing plates and serving tea to the customers for his revolutionary ambition. After his arrest, he was severely tortured by police, and his injured leg went septic. Speaking about the painful experiences of jail he told us, “The agony of isolated life in an unhealthy condition without light and air in jail was more than the pain of the septic leg injury”. He could not sleep in summer, and in the early morning when cool winds coming in through the lower gap of the closed iron gate would touch the sweaty body, his eyes would close without his knowing it, he said. Comrade Bakshi joined the ML movement at age of 17 inspired by Comrade Charu Mazumder and till his death at 70, he never looked back.

The Odisha Party and Bakshi Babu are inseparable. All the end of 1991, there was a vertical split in CPI(M) in Odisha because of various reasons. These comrades decided that they would first join with IPF and later the Party. From that day, he was associated with Odisha and Odisha Party.

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