Comrade Surya

WE are shocked at the untimely demise of AISA activist Comrade Surya, who passed away on 21 August in Hyderabad after suffering an Ischemic Stroke.  

Surya was a research scholar at HCU. He was from a very humble, marginalised dalit family and had worked really hard to get admission in HCU.

Surya fell a victim to private healthcare and criminal negligence of a private hospital. The Citizens’ Hospital in which Surya was first admitted denied him treatment after testing him for COVID 19 and finding him positive. He was shifted to Continental Hospital, but by then his condition had worsened. He was put on life support. The hospital demanded Rs 1-3 lakhs per day. His COVID report came out to be negative on 20th August, just a day after he was tested positive and denied treatment. Surya was declared to be brain dead on the afternoon of 20th August, and was kept on a ventilator. Another COVID test was done later and even that test report came out to be negative. The COVID anti body test was also negative, meaning he never had COVID.

The HCU administration, especially the Medical Officer and DSW, did not co-operate during the efforts to get Surya treated.

The criminal negligence of the hospital cost Surya his life. We resolve to not let Comrade Surya's struggle go in vain. The fight for quality and affordable health care for all will be continued more resolutely.

We express our condolences towards the family of Comrade Surya and demand justice for him.

Red Salute to Comrade Surya!

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